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Welcome to Northern Virginia Lawn & Landscape Service, Inc.

Mowing and Maintenance Contracts in Plains, VA

Specializing in all of Your Lawn Care Needs in Plains VA. Experienced Professionals for 29 Years.

Our lawns and yard deserve to be well cared for, and Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. has been providing this care for more than 29 years. We offer mowing and maintenance contracts in Plains, VA, Fall and Spring lawn care, and more through our four distinct departments.

Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc.’s maintenance department takes care of the “heavy lifting.” Large mowing jobs, yard debris removal, leaf removal, various cleaning jobs and more all fall under our maintenance department’s purview.

Our residential product application and lawn programs department handles the lawn treatment applications. This department also takes care of lawn seeding and two types of lawn aeration. The department of landscape services/garden cleaning/stone walls/mulching and pruning does many odd jobs. Spring and Fall mulching and Spring and Fall pruning are the most common works this department handles.

Finally, the Residential mowing contracts department takes care of all the other mowing jobs. Lawn mowing service from Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. is provided by experts using top of the line tools and techniques. Included in a mowing program are such services as: gutter cleaning, trimming, power-edging, and walkway cleaning.

Some other services offered by Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. are:

Trust your lawn care to professionals to a company that is devoted to working with our customers until they are satisfied. Trust your yard to Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc.

We work until you're satisfied ... As a locally owned Plains, VA Lawn Care Service, our reputation with you is everything!

William R Gregg III Mowing and Maintenance Contracts Plains VA