Locations for which Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. provides residential townhome services:


Aldie, VA

Ashburn, VA

Chantilly, VA

Leesburg, VA

South Riding, VA

Stone Ridge, VA

Residential Service for Town Homes

We now offer complete maintenance services for town homes in the Northern Virginia area. It's a quality program which does two things: It allows us to take care of all your lawn and landscape maintenance for the season, and it allows you to do nothing at all but look out the window and enjoy your home without buying mowers, or products, or fooling with the weather. This program is offered as outlined and the monthly fee is the same regardless of unit size or landscape.

1. Mowing and trimming of grass areas with 3 cuts/month on a 10-day cycle. No contract would run more than 8 months, April - November.

2. Lawn applications which include everything from our Classic Care program, treatment 1-5. This includes seeding for contracts running April - November and are reduced accordingly as contracts are picked up during the season.
Note: you can get into a contract at any time during the season, however it runs until November. For example, May - November or July - November. This is a contract service you must sign and return in order to get service.

3. All plant care – that's weeding and trimming of planting as required during the season, so there's no plant maintenance for you to do except mulching, priced outside the contract.
Note: throughout the season several sweeps of the landscape are required, depending on the length of the contract.

4. Cost of services is $80/month of the contract, from the time you get into one. Credit cards or payment by check, monthly.