"One day I was 15 minutes late to work. Bill (William R. Gregg III) ran out of the office, stopped my car and told me to turn around and go home, and to make sure that I reported to work at or before 7am daily! He was always trying to get the best out of me."


Dennis Allio, Jr.

Owner, Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc.

About Our Founder: William R. Gregg III

LT. William Riley Gregg III was a dreamer, a teacher, a leader and a risk taker. He was gifted, charitable, honest, God-fearing, kind and respected by everyone. He held a degree in Fire Science, was a fire and rescue firefighter and E.M.T., and was one of the first "paid" firemen in Fairfax County. William R. Gregg served in many Fairfax County Fire Stations, including Co. 3, Fairfax City, Falls Church, McLean, Gunston Hall and West Springfield, Virginia. He was also well known for his skills as a chef at these stations. He also taught Fire Prevention and Safety to school children, along with his faithful Dalmation "San Chez". In addition to his fire safety skills, he was also a skilled hunter, a certified scuba diver, a certified professional Alpine Ski Instructor of America, and a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Fairfax City, Virginia.

William R. Gregg was gifted with the ability to make his dreams come true and helped others see their dreams fulfilled along the way. He firmly believed in leading and teaching good work ethics, serving the public community, and sharing his gifts and talents with his church. He ushered in Luther Place Memorial Church in Washington, D.C. and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Falls Church, Virginia, and was a member of Rainbow Christian Community Via de Cristo Cursillo, Northern VIrginia.

Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. was established in Arlington, Virginia by William R. Gregg as a family business in the Spring of 1972. In 1975, he purchased the established Westcott Nursery Company, and both companies complemented each other. In 1972, he hired Dennis Allio, Jr., a certified agronomist with a working knowledge of chemicals and a graduate of Maryland University, to work for Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. William R. Gregg shared his vision, work ethics, management skills and dedication to hard work with Dennis and the company prospered under their skills and quality service. In 1984, Dennis Allio Jr. purchased Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc. from William R. Gregg and moved his successful company to Chantilly, Virginia. William R. Gregg III was called home to his heavenly Father on October 11, 1986. The company continues to do successful business to this day under the management of Dennis Allio, Jr.

The family of William R. Gregg III would like to express their gratitude for having had the opportunity to be a part of William R.Gregg's dream and to experience the rewarding gifts of his legacy as a business owner: making the environment a more beautiful place, and knowing that he touched the lives of many people in a positive way.