"Our company vision is to provide the customer with a professional, dedicated lawn and landscape service. We will be truthful and always act in the customers' best interests, knowing that this is what the customer wants and understanding that it's our job to fulfill their requests."


Dennis Allio, Jr.

Owner, Northern Virginia Lawn and Landscape Service, Inc.

NV Lawn and Landscape Services Northern VA Mowing and Maintenance

About Us

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Isn't there a firm that will take care of all my lawn and landscape needs?" If so, look no further. Years of commercial and residential experience in the metro area give us that added edge over our competition. Our professionally trained personnel use the most modern techniques available to produce quality lawns and beautiful landscapes.

It has always been our goal to give you, the customer, the best possible lawn program available. We want this program to work for you, and be one that you can understand and that will produce results year after year. Our lawn service takes the professional approach using modern equipment and the best fertilizers and chemicals the industry has to offer. Our staff is educated and certified to apply fertilizers and pesticides in the state of Virginia. Our attitude is to serve you, always putting your needs and requirements as a customer in the foreground. If you want more fertilizer, we'll give it to you; if you don't want pesticides you won't get them. We developed it, we recommend it, but it is always YOUR lawn program.